Singapore Project IV

A Singapore logistics company has newly been signed up as a highly appreciated client who will enjoy significant electricity cost savings through Maiora Renewable Energy’s solar leasing arrangement. The client is a logistics solution provider providing services to the marine, oil and gas, and coal industries in Singapore and Indonesia with a local facility in Balikpapan, Indonesia. More than 1,050 solar panels will be installed by May 2020 to generate over 550MWh of sustainable solar energy every year.

System Size433kWp Solar PV System
No. of PV Modules1,056 Trina Solar Tallmax Mono 410Wp
No. of Inverters6x60kW Huawei SUN2000-60KTL
Annual Energy Yield554,200kWh per annum
Estimated CO2 Saving244 Metric Tonnes per annum

Singapore Project III

Maiora is proud to welcome a Singapore metal materials supplier into our continuously growing list of Singapore clients. The client is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality steel and non-steel building solutions, providing a comprehensive range of products and turnkey solutions. They are affiliated with established and reputed companies such as Germany’s, Kalzip GmbH and Fischer Profil GmbH, and Taiwan’s Yieh Phui Enterprise. A huge number of 1,360 solar panels will help to make the clients facility a net generating facility which will export excess solar energy to the power grid.

System Size554kWp Solar PV System
No. of PV Modules1,368 Trina Solar Tallmax Mono 405Wp
No. of Inverters8x60kW Huawei SUN2000-60KTL
Annual Energy Yield709,100kWh per annum
Estimated CO2 Saving313 Metric Tonnes per annum

Singapore Project II

Maiora Renewable Energy is excited to work with a Singaporean Marine Supply Company to supply sustainable solar energy to its new facility in the West of Singapore. The client is acknowledged as an established distributor and exporter, servicing the marine, off-shore and oil and gas industries in Singapore and the global market. Over 850 solar panels have been installed through which the facility is powered almost solely with solar energy.

System Size350kWp Solar PV System
No. of PV Modules875 Trina Solar Tallmax Mono 400Wp
No. of Inverters7x60kW Huawei SUN2000-60KTL
Annual Energy Yield437,500kWh per annum
Estimated CO2 Saving193 Metric Tonnes per annum